Structural timber is green sawn Jarrah and is completed to Appearance Grade standards.
Timber can be cut to most sizes and lengths, up to 6 meters long.

Common structural timber projects include Pergolas and outdoor roofing, Jetties, Boardwalks and Fencing


We stock a variety of bush poles ranging in diameter from 200 to 350 +, with lengths cut to meet your specifications and requirements.  Perfect for the natural look on your verandas, gazebos, pergola or just as a special feature.


We supply jarrah sawn posts and rails for any fencing requirements. Lengths and sizes can be cut to specifications and fence size.


Picket sizes are most commonly
75 x 19
100 x 19
They can be cut to any required length.

Face cuts

Face cuts are the first cuts from the outside of the log, producing a smooth cut finish on one side and a barky tree look on the outer side.  They can be used to create a natural and organic look to your wood projects.


Hardwood gluts are used for supporting products in laydown areas such as construction sites, sales yards, and for the trucking and transport industry. We can produce gluts to various sizes to fit your application.

Select Timber Cutting

Select or premium timber is often used for furniture, joinery or special feature projects.  These pieces require the highest quality Jarrah and can be cut here at the sawmill.  Our mill is able to cater for the specific measurement and requirements of most special projects.